Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's easier to find a 4-leaf clover than a machine with Mac OSX to test ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work. I know I appreciate it and it doesn't seem like you get a lot of feedback.

Sword Of War said...

Can we get a feature to prevent extremely high upload stats (for example, when downloading using a very high speed connection like at a school)?

The multiply download by X option could end up reporting too high values in this situation. It would be nice to limit the "emulated upload speed". I would like to set an option like "Don't report uploads faster than X kB/s"

This is the only needed feature, in my opinion, to make this application perfect and truly "set it and forget it".

Another idea is to have a different X - Y multiplier when downloading reaches above a certain speed. This would allow me to use a lower multiplier when downloading at unusually high speeds.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to donate to speed up the release of mac version?